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The birth of a child is is one of the most wonderful occasions for a family and we are here to help you celebrate. If you want to make arrangements for a brit milah, brit habat or baby naming, then please contact the office on 07-5570 1716, or the President on 0419 308 600.

Brit Milah: On the eighth day after the birth,   Jewish males are circumcised. This signifies the covenant between God and the Jewish people. There are a number of customs associated with the brit milah including that of appointing godparents who will guide the child throughout his life. If you  need information or advice contact the office or the President. They will arrange the support you need to ensure the ceremony is a very special and meaningful start to your son's life.

Brit HaBat: In our modern world  a ceremony to welcome a daughter into the covenant has taken on increasing importance in Progressive congregations. This  can be held at home, in the Temple  or another suitable place that parents may choose. Again contact  the office or the President to make arrangements for a ceremony which is meaningful for you and your family.

Baby Naming: Our Hebrew name is a very  important component of our Jewish identity. It is the name we use when we are bar/bat mitzvah, when we marry, when we are called to the Torah and on many other ritual occassions throughout our lives. Family traditions vary when choosing a Hebrew name and each of us has a story of where our name came from. So the ceremony for giving your child their Hebrew name is a very special moment in their and your lives. Contact the office or the President to make suitable arrangements.

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