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Gold Coast Chevra Kadisha

The Gold Coast Chevra Kadisha was established to perform tasks involved in the dignified and respectful burying of the deceased in accordance with Jewish custom and law. Whilst the Chevra Kadisha is independent of any particular Jewish congregation, they receive guidance and advice from local rabbis. Duties are performed upon any person known to be of the Jewish faith (unless expressly forbidden by the deceased, but not by other family



Membership:  $30 Single / $40 family.

Membership forms available Chevra Kadisha.


Donations of old tallitot (regardless of condition) requested, for wrapping deceased

males for burial (when deceased does not have a tallit).


Shemot: Burial of books or any material that may contain the Sacred Name, organised

each year around Pesach. You are invited to package items for burial and leave them                                                                          at Temple Shalom.


More Information:    Chevra Kadisha website


Chevra Kadisha, PO Box 5664, Gold Coast Mail Centre Q 9726

Telephone 5596 6919.


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