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Membership and Affiliation

A Message From Our President

Temple Shalom is a warm and supportive community. We are committed to providing our members, affiliates and friends with many ways to engage with Judaism and a Jewish life. We offer spiritual enrichment through worship as part of a community, which values and supports active participation in our services and celebrations. We offer involvement in a wide range of social and learning activities, all of which help to bind us together as a caring community. We also offer the chance to serve and support others by volunteering our skills, whatever they may be. 


While Temple Shalom is welcoming to all, Judaism has certain privileges and responsibilities that are reserved for those who are Jewish, by birth or by conversion. Consequently, membership is only available to individuals of the Jewish faith. Those who are not Jewish but who want to be active in our community, are invited to formally affiliate with Temple Shalom. Affiliation is open to the non-Jewish spouse/partner of members. Affiliation as a 'Friend of Temple Shalom' is open to others who are not Jewish but want to support our congregation. We offer many ways for affiliates to participate in synagogue life but understandably, there are some limitations:


 Committee Involvement. We are happy to have non-Jewish spouses/partners and              friends involved in all areas, except those with ritual responsibility, i.e. the Board of      Management  and the Services Management Committee.


 Participation in Services. There are many opportunities for non-Jewish spouses/partners  and friends to participate in important family milestones such as a brit milah, b'nai mitzvah or a wedding but there are two constraints. Firstly, only those who are Jewish may receive a Torah related honour and secondly, only those who are Jewish may recite a Torah related blessing. 


 Voting. On occasions, congregants may vote on major synagogue issues. The opportunity to vote is only available to financial members.


For those who want to make the commitment to either become a member or to affiliate, we look forward to receiving your application. Your application needs to be signed by two financial members of Temple Shalom, they being the Proposer and the Seconder for your application. If you are new to Temple Shalom and do not know anyone who is able to propose or second you, please contact me and I will make the necessary arrangements. For those who are not sure about applying or who may be seeking further information, please do not hesitate to contact me or arrange an appointment.


Louise Ward


Temple Shalom Gold Coast

If you wish to apply to become a member of Temple Shalom  an application form is available here.

The application form is fillable so you can type in the spaces provided. Please download the form, type in your details, print the completed form,  arrange for the appropriate signatures and deliver/send it to the office.

Membership Fees Per Annum 

Family, Standard:   Two adults with all children under 18 (or full time students to                                          24 years)  $640.00


Family, Single:          One adult with all children under 18 (or full times students to                                         24 years) or where one partner is not-Jewish and does not                                               wish to become an Affiliate $320.00


Single Adult: :           $320.00


Single Junior:            13 years or older to 18 years, or single full time student  18

                                     years or older to 25 years $100.00 

Family Combined:   Member/Affiliate where a member has a non-Jewish partner.


Affiliate:                     Friend of Temple Shalom, Standard $125


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