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Consecration of Stone

Following Jewish custom, it is usual for a matzevah (headstone) to be erected 11 months after the shloshim (first 30 days of mourning). Assistance with the preparation and making of the matzevah can be obtained by contacting the Chevra Kadisha (5596 6919). It is essential to allow a minimum of six weeks prior to the planned consecration date to ensure matzevah availability. The memorial stones are all of a standard dimension.

Contact the Temple Shalom office to arrange a suitable date and time for consecration of stone to ensure availability of a service leader. It is requested that sufficient notice is given to allow for an announcement in Temple Shalom's newsletter, 'Gates of Peace,' should you wish for Temple members to make up a minyan with your family. The date and time will also be publicised on this website.

Memorial Board  & Yahrzeits

Names of loved ones can be inscribed on the memorial board in the Temple Shalom sanctuary. Names are illuminated at each yahrzeit to perpetuate the memory of loved ones and all names are illuminated on Yom Kippur.   


Cost: Single entry $200; Double  $300.

Pre-purchased inscriptions on the Memorial Board

Members of Temple Shalom may pre-purchase a space on the memorial board, for themselves or for other love ones at any time. Please contact the office to discuss your needs.


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